Interrail.. Does that still exist?

‘Interrail.. Does that still exist!?’ This is the most frequently asked question to me. Apparently lots of people from ages ago have nostalgic feelings when I mention Interrail. However, now-a-days Interrail is in my perspective, better than ever. Compared to tens of years ago, a lot of additional countries have been accepting Interrail now. Hence you can travel to the far-away icy northern lights in Lapland, to the sunny temperatures of the Mediterranean sea, to even leave the European continent and cross the Bosphorus to travel deeply in Turkey. Even more adventurous? Go explore the highest mountains in Switzerland, or go hiking in the fjords of Norway. Each country has its own unique culture, architecture, people & feeling.. and best of all… you have unlimited possibilities in just a couple of hours of relaxed traveling! Imagine going swimming in Lake Bled (Slovenia), railing through the Alps (Bernina Express Route), going over-seas to visit the vulcanic ashes in Sicily while eating delicious Italian pasta. Feeling tired during your trip? You can travel at night with NightTrains (beds, showers, washtables available), you can stay in budget-hostels meeting most likely other Interrailers, perhaps luxuriously stay in hotels/airbnb; or try the free option: couchsurfing.

Interrail passes

Interrail currently has a huge diversity of different passes available, and it doesn’t matter which pass you’d want to choose: do what you like. Want to explore multiple locations in Europe? Go choose for one of the Global Passes with which you can travel through different countries. You can either travel a few days or unlimited in one month (like me). Prices vary from ~€200 (5 days in one month) to ~€500 (one month unlimited). If you want to go in depth within a specific region of Europe: check out the One Country Passes. With this pass you can travel in one country, prices range from ~€50 up to ~€150 – depending on which country you want to visit and how many traveling days you want to use. Global Passes are significantly more expensive than One Country Passes, but also give you a lot more flexibility.

Feeling excited? Why not simply go explore one or more of the top-Europe destinations? If you have any doubts or questions about the passes, or want me to assist you in your itinerary / travel plan? Feel free to get in contact with me! Together we’ll find the pass that is most suited to your wishes and we’ll make a detailed planning to optimize your train-trip and get the best of out it. In return I would love to hear about your travel stories afterwards!