The official Interrail Map

How to use the map?

The official Interrail Map is a interactive map that displays the main train travel routes valid with Interrail in Europe. I find the map extremely convenient to explore connections and to get inspired to visit other places. This map is not intended to plan your itinerary. Hence, you should only use it as a guideline. For example did you know that you can travel all over Turkey with Interrail? This map shows you where you can travel to!

Have a look at the embedded map below, and get inspired. If you need help with your planning you can find it on this page. So, don’t be worried if particular connections are not visible on the map. It only shows the most important ones. Luckily many more smaller regional connections exists.

This embedded map is not my property, nor do I claim it as my own. 

Interrailing in Europe