Thé answer to all your Interrail questions; planning, reservations, night-trains and more.

What is Interrail?

Discover Europe with Interrail! Interrail is a railway pass valid in 30 participating countries in Europe, which allows you to travel unlimited to any place you desire. There is no better way to explore Europe than by rail. There is a certain adventurous feeling when boarding a train to far-away destinations, where language and culture can be completely different than what you are used to. With Interrail you can travel all the way to Eastern-Turkey, while enjoying the luxury of High-Speed Trains and the romance of the Night-Trains (“hotels on rails”). All you need to do… write down the train you want to take in your travel journal and you’re set to go!

Interrail passes

In a nutshell the Interrail pass allows you to board any train within Europe, at any given moment, unlimited, without having to arrange anything in advance. Interrail is especially useful if you prefer flexibility or if you want to travel to multiple destinations. Every European citizen, or if you have residence within Europe, qualifies for an InterRail pass. For all other travelers the EURail pass applies, which is for the rest the same as the Interrail pass. There are two types of passes. The global pass is valid within all participating countries, while the one country pass is only valid in a single country – and sometimes a combination of countries. The passes also come in multiple ranges of validity; 3 days within a month, 5 days within 15 days, 4 days within a month, 6 days within a month, 7 days within a month, 8 days within a month, 10 days within a month, 15 days within a month, 15 days continueous, 22 days continueous, 1 month continueous. One of these combinations will suit your travel plans perfectly! Want to know more about the Interrail passes? Check out the Interrail website.

The answer to all your Interrail questions!

* If you travel with Interrail you  need to fill in all the details of your trips in the travel diary. Have a look at the travel diary section.
* Did you know that there is an App that allows you to plan your journey through whole Europe? Have a look at the train schedule section.
* Interrail is valid with slower local transportation, but also on luxurious high-speed transportation. Have a look at the train types section.
* Some trains require an additional reservation before you can board them. Have a look at the train reservations section.
* One particular interesting aspect of Interrail is the 7 PM rule, which is quite tricky to understand. Have a look at the 7 pm section.
* Do you want inspiration to improve your travel plans? Have a look at the trips and tricks section.
* Did you know that you can travel great distances during the night? Have a look at the night trains section.

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