Booking accomodation - And you should also ride along the Bergen Express in Norway

I want to book affordable accomodations, need flexible cancellation, in the city center near train stations. It’s possible and easy.

A must know when traveling

I have now traveled all over the world, in more than 50 countries and have experienced various ways of accomodation. Japan learned me to appreciate hostels, in Spain I got to know couchsurfing and in the USA I have frequently done Airbnbs. Furthermore I have stayed in the most basic motels, simple hotels and luxurious hotels. There are various well-known booking websites and I have used them all. I would say in more than 95% of all my trips I have booked accomodation through a single booking website, simply because it gives me the most affordable option with flexible cancellation if my plans change last minute. If there is one thing that you should remember from this website, it would be this. By the way, this post might sound sponsered, but it’s not. I’m just sharing my positive experience.

My best tip: Booking accomodation at

Have a look at the interactive widget above this text. This widget will show you the results for all accomodation for a specific location on a specific date. You can hit ‘search‘ or click on one of the prices to have a look at more details. This is what I did for the past years, finding accomodation via I recommend you to make an account (by clicking on the widget), and start looking around / booking accomodation. You should always make bookings that offer free cancellation up to a couple of days before your actual stay. This will make your travels flexible and you can then change at any time!

The end results is that I have made far more cancellations than actual bookings. Prices often change, making your original booking even cheaper. And sometimes you find more suitable accomodation, or you go to another place! Usually I have 2 bookings open for some places, 1 more luxurious option and a budget option. Most importantly, I always decide last-minute before the cancellation expires which type of accomodation I prefer. Have a look around via the widget, and try it out.

Here are some examples of my regular accomodation costs

– A bed in a hostel near gorgeous Lake Bled (Slovenia), €10 per night.
– A bed in a hostel in the city center of Dublin (Ireland), €12 per night.
– A 2-star hotel room the city center of Brussels (Belgium), €19 per night.
– A 2-star hotel room in the city center of Zagreb (Croatia), €30 per night.
– A 3-star hotel room in the town of Tadoussac (Canada), €43 per night.
– A 3-star hotel room in the city center of Québec (Canada), €44 per night.
– A 4-star hotel room in the city center of San José (USA), €84 per night.
– A 5-star hotel room on the copacabana in Rio (Brazil), €97 per night.
– A 5-star hotel room on the strip in Las Vegas (USA), €113 per night.


After some bookings you will become a genious member. Now this is something that many accomodation compare sites cannot show you. When becoming a genious member you get 10% discount on nearly all accomodation on When booking, I usually look at the location. I want to be as conveniently located as possible, close to the sights or close to the train station. Usually I also pay close attention to all the pictures that show the accomodation, to see if I would like staying there.

Booking accomodation - Everyone should experience the Bernina Express & Glacier Express
Booking accomodation – Everyone should experience the Bernina Express & Glacier Express

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