Destination #19 – Zagreb. Hello from sunny Zagreb! I’ve slept pretty well, 10 hours straight. After a nice breakfast (they even made eggs with ham for me) I’m ready to continue! Although the cold still botters me, it will probably be more annoying for the people on the train…. I’m sorry!!. To strengthen myself I wanted to order a fruit juice.. unfortunately I got a watery orange juice as an alternative. Nevertheless, Zagreb is rather nice. This is the first city in a long time I can describe as “clean”. It’s a very peaceful and relaxed city – not the most active one, and that’s as far as I would describe it. Tonight and tomorrow Lake Bled awaits for me… one of the absolutely highlights of my journey. Luckily for me, today it will be completely sunny in Bled – tomorrow is a whole different story, so at least I will partially be able to relax at the lake.. (perhaps even swim if it’s not too cold? Who knows !).

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