Traveling to Georgia - The road from Kars to Hopa

Traveling to Georgia from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey? Get ready for a trip full of adventure, beautiful scenary and unforgettable memories. 

It is very simple to reach Georgia. Whether it is through winding mountain roads on a bus or over the smooth tracks through the country side on a train. Exploring the Caucasus region is easy!

Traveling to Georgia


Turkey to Georgia

When you are traveling towards Georgia from Turkey it’s best to travel towards Kars. An amazing itinerary would be to go from Istanbul to Ankara, where you can board the famous Dogu Express to Kars. From Kars it will take you a whole day of traveling to arrive in Batumi. The route is absolutely gorgeous as it goes through winding mountain roads and amazing views.

Before you leave Kars, do plan a visit to the ruins of ancient Armenian capital Ani.

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Armenia to Georgia

When you are traveling towards Georgia from Armenia it’s easiest to start from Yerevan. There are various buses from Yerevan to Tbilisi, or towards other places in Georgia. However, it’s best to travel in the nostalgic Night-Train from Yerevan to Tbilisi. Save on accomodation costs while sharing experiences with other travelers. After the adventurous journey you have made some new friends for sure.

Before you fall asleep do enjoy the views on Mount Aragats!

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Azerbaijan to Georgia

When you are traveling towards Georgia from Azerbaijan you can hop on the daily Night-Train in either Baku or Ganja. It’s the most relaxing way of traveling between these 2 amazing countries. Simply make up your bed and start talking with the locals! In the middle of the night some lovely customs will have a chat with you. And when you open your eyes again after a good night of sleep, you have arrived in Tbilisi.

Amazing sights along the route are the mud vulcanoes and the ancient hieroglyphs near the town of Gobustan.

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Traveling in Georgia

Traveling in Georgia? Read this Georgia Travel Guide. Explore the amazing country side. Hike in the majestic Caucasus mountains and swim in the intriguing Black Sea. Surprise your taste buds with local Georgian cuisine and wine.

Discover the best place to visit, the prettiest sights to see and the most fun things to do!

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The Georgia Travel Guide Map


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