Interrail Train Planner - Balkan & East Europe

A personalized Interrail Train Planner. Itineraries, reservation fees and validity of your pass in one complete overview.

I found planning of my Interrail journey one of the most fun things to do. Everytime you find a new destination, travel gem or must-see you will dive into the various travel possibilities to create your itinerary. Therefore I would like to introduce you to the personalized Interrail train planner. Manually curated and up-2-date for all major travel destinations accross the Balkan area and East Europe! Try it out. I promise you it will make your journey a lot easier and more fun.



Using the Interrail Train Planner

The Interrail Train Planner works by entering your;
– departure station
– arrival station
– departure date
– departure time

The planner will then report a maximum of 4 itineraries matching your criteria. You will see the route (in blue), itinerary (in text), total duration time (approximately) and alternative itineraries. To retrieve different results you can adjust your departure time.

What data is in the Interail Train Planner?

The current well-known train planners are both suitable to use for traveling throughout Europe. However, both planners rely on the data feed of railway operators. Unfortunately data is often in-complete or completly missing for countries in the Balkan area & East Europe. Therefore I have created this Interrail Train Planner. All data in there has been carefully manually selected and verified.

I can’t find a station?

The Interrail Train Planner only includes major travel routes & destinations in the Balkan area & East Europe (for now). Use this planner to get to your preferred departure or arrival destination as close as possible and then use alternative planners to finetune your itinerary.

Tips & Tricks

* When planning long itineraries, use the results as your guide to break up your travel plan in ‘parts’. It is recommended that for long distances you build in some more ‘buffer time’ or ‘transfer time’ for when travel is not going as smoothly as planned.
* In some particular cases there are no cross-border trains. The planner still allows for cross-border journeys in those cases, but includes a fair amount of walking.
* The planner will show you if your Interrail pass is valid and if a train reservation is required. Here you can see if you can book these reservations in advance.
* As railway operators often make changes to their timings, it is highly recommended to frequently re-plan your trip to verify that your itinerary is still possible!

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