The Alpine

Best update so-far: I’m speechless. Completely blown away by the utter beautiness of the rail line Chur-St. Moritz-Tirano…… You really should have this one on your ‪#‎Interrail‬ list..! While waiting in Chur for the train, the Glacier Express train arrives; almost completely build up from glass to give the tourist a incredible look on the train. However, it turns out that the regular train is attached to the tourist version, and together they go to St. Moritz. Even better, the regular train has windows that can be opened: this makes the whole experience much better…. So when you’ll eventually do the trip from Chur to Tirano (you must!), go with the regular train! After we’ve left Chur it ascends into the Alps while giving you incredible views on the area. You’ll see endless snowy mountain peaks (even in April, imagine what it looks like in the winter), small pittoresque towns and stunning green landscape. My journey was even better due to the fact that during most of the journey I was alone, silently enjoying. Arriving at the highest point of the trip, you’ll see snow snow snow snow snow and snow (did I mention snow?). You would think that when descending, you’ll pretty much see the same as what you’ve seen before. WRONG! When going to Tirano, the train descends in endless turns through tiny villages that are só tiny that the train even continues on the road!! It honks a few times and you’ll see cars flying to the other side to get out of it’s way O_O. It’s an incredible journey, which is confirmed by the fact that the whole rail line from Chur to Tirano is listed by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. For now I’ll show you some pictures, but a video will be coming soon. Oh.. and let’s not forget this: I’m on my way to Rome… and you know what’s fun? Starting at Milan, my father will train along for 7 days (the madman!). Hmm.. not sure if you can call this speechless.

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