Destination #18 – Sarajevo. Pfoeh…. I’m completely exhausted… I have a cold, keep sneezing constantly and I can barely keep me eyes open. But don’t worry.. I’ll finish this update first. This morning I arrived in Sarajevo at roughly 5:45 in the morning. Since the bus driver did not speak English at all, I had set an alarm clock and every time I woke up I checked GPS to make an indication of how long I could sleep. So júst before we arrived I woke up.. with the rest of the bus still asleep. All of a sudden a women in the back asks ‘Sarajevo?’, which I reply to with ‘yes’. In utter panic she wakes up the rest of the bus, from which most also wanted to depart at Sarajevo. Why am I the only one that cares about missing a stop? But OK. Arriving at the outskirts of Sarajevo, I still had to find my way to the center. A local girl assured me there would be no ticket control while I was already on my way to the ATM 1 kilometer further down the road. Long story short: We arrived in the city center after she payed a ticket for me.. ghehehe… (the bus driver didn’t fall for it). The city center of Sarajevo is stunning, probably even more if I would have been there when the rest of the city woke up – but nevertheless it was fun. Definitely worth visiting a trip. Now I’m going to sleep, hopefully a full 11 hours, tomorrow Zagreb & Ljubljana awaits.

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    I didn’t think of the Holocaust connection. I had never looked into Wilder’s background before either. What I knew of his movies seemed so American to me that I was surprised by his accent in the interview clip. In that light, I can see why the gas chamber ending was considered too heavy. The Spanish title on the poster, Perdición – Hell – seemed a bit much as well, like it’s out of proportion with what goes on in the film. But the gas chamber, coupled with Holocaust overtones, would change the story from misbegotten murder to descent into damnation.

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