Destination #17 – Podgorica. So far the most boring city I’ve seen. Montenegro is absolutely stunning while being on the train – so I recommend do not step out.. lol. I arrived there on Saturday evening, and together with an Irish dude who I met on the train we walked into the city. You would expect that on a Saturday evening/night a capital city should be booming business Except for a huge amount of teenagers walking on the streets (what are they doing there?), there’s nothing going on. The only plus side I’ve seen in Podgorica is the huge pile of delicious food that you get for absolutely nothing. But going to Podgorica is absolutely worth the trip if you come from the direction of Beograd. The 10-hour train journey will plunge through an infinite amount of tunnels, while giving you the most amazing sceneries deep within the mountains. Luckily the windows in these old-fashioned trains can be opened, it makes shooting footage/pics a lot easier.

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