Destination #25- Paris. Letté mê writtuh some-thingky aboûtteh París. Although we were there for a very very very short time (time flies in Paris!), we were still happy we could enjoy at least the number #1 tourist-attraction. The Eiffel Touwer of course remains spectacular, it doesn’t matter how often you’ve seen it.. (many times in my case). To make it even better: no clouds were floating in the sky at all, clear sunlight. What was surprising – I’ve never been there – was Jardin du Luxembourg. Amazingly beautiful park in the middle of the city with great views on both the Montparnasse (go there if you want a view over the city!!) and the Eiffel Tower. It’s a great place to relax, and very well maintained. Also very relaxing: the train that brought us from Hendaye to Paris (InterCités de Nuit), I’ve slept amazingly well for approximately 8 hours straight. It feels strange to be só close to home.. it almost feels recognizable. The last days I’ll cross the water to go to the United Kingdom and Ireland. My bus (Flixbus) to London leaves tonight… at 2:20 AM. Luckily I’m able to watch all Harry Potter movies on my laptop – that’ll keep me busy (‪#‎youth‬).

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