Traveling on Rails - 30 Days, 30 Countries


Destination #7 – Prague: Absolutely stunning. Getting on board the train to Prague was quite difficult as you’ve probably read in my previous post.. well it gets even better.


Destination #6 – Waw. Warsaw is awesome – I totally didn’t see that one coming. It already started as soon as I boarded the train to Poland:


Destination $5 – Und…. Ich habe Deutschland verlassen.. i Witamy w Polsce. If you love architecture, you should definitely go to Berlin – lots of old pretty buildings.


So while I was in Norway, I decided to plan an extra trip from Oslo to Bergen. The rail line between Norway’s capital Oslo and Bergen is called the Bergensbanen. This was one of the highlights of my journey.


Destination #4 – ZzzZ.. ZzzzzZZz…Zz… ZZ…z.z..zz. That means that I’m feeling tired, my eyelids are forcing their way down. Luckily for you guys, I will finish my post first.. (d’aww!!). Oslo is surprisingly nice!


Destination #3 – Back on rails! Just departed from Stockholm, after a ferry relaxing cruise (pun :’)). Luckily for me the weather is stil sunny – and it seems like this will at least remain so till I leave Scandinavia – yey.



Reached destination #2: Helsinki! After a super-cute train journey I arrived in a rainy Helsinki (lots of people with dogs on the train – they especially liked me when I ate knackebrödpizza from the IKEA). Luckily soon after I arrived the sun showed herself as well.



Destination #1 – This morning my alarm clock went off at 03:45 AM… oef! After pushing everything in my backpack (it barely fitted!) I arrived in-time for the train from 04:50 departing at Osnabrück Hauptbahnhof. Shortly after 12 PM I arrived in sunny Copenhagen (destination #1) – which is actually a really nice city in pretty-weather conditions.

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The journey has started!

Tonight my ’30 countries in 30 days’ adventure has started! In Amsterdam I jumped on the train to my first destination: Copenhagen! NS International made some pictures of the start in Amsterdam which you can find below in this message.

My Interrail-planning through Europe: part (2)

As you have probably read in the About me section, I love train traveling. So.. I will start my Interrail trip through Europe: visiting at least the capital cities of 30 participating countries in 30 days. In this blog I will describe the first part of my journey and the most important/interesting things that I will expect to see, will do and shall experience.