Traveling on Rails - 30 Days, 30 Countries


Destination #22 – Rome. I think the most tourist-oriented city I’ve seen so far. It doesn’t matter where you are in Rome: people will try to force you to go in their restaurant – or they are selling you a selfie stick.

Missed night train in Milan

So….. me and my father were supposed to see each other around 10 PM in Milano Porta Garibaldi. You do need some knowledge on forehand to understand the whole story: network reception was bad, nobody spoke English, GPS apparently was not working, and the offline map of Italy was the ónly one that I forgot to download

The Alpine

Best update so-far: I’m speechless. Completely blown away by the utter beautiness of the rail line Chur-St. Moritz-Tirano…… You really should have this one on your ‪#‎Interrail‬ list..!


Destination #21 – Bern. So… I initially planned yesterday evening to go see the tiny capital of Liechtenstein (Vaduz) – and then continuing to Bern where I would find a place to sleep. However… I soon found out that sleeping in Bern was so incredible expensive

Lake Bled

Lake Bled… I hate leaving this place.. I think the pictures will tell you enough, it’s drop-dead gorgeous. I have walked around the lake which was 6km in total.


Destination #20 – Ljubljana. You know that as soon as you arrive in Ljubljana, you step out, walk in the direction of the city centre, and you see at least a hunderd-fold more asian tourists with camera’s compared to the previous destinations: you can expect something nice! Well and those tourists we’re correct for choosing Ljubljana.


Destination #19 – Zagreb. Hello from sunny Zagreb! I’ve slept pretty well, 10 hours straight. After a nice breakfast (they even made eggs with ham for me) I’m ready to continue!


Destination #18 – Sarajevo. Pfoeh…. I’m completely exhausted… I have a cold, keep sneezing constantly and I can barely keep me eyes open. But don’t worry.. I’ll finish this update first.


Destination #17 – Podgorica. So far the most boring city I’ve seen. Montenegro is absolutely stunning while being on the train – so I recommend do not step out.. lol.


Destination #16 – Belgrad. Yeah!! I’m connected to the world again. Apparently data roaming is not operational for all countries. Luckily Podgorica offers free WiFi!