Destination #4 – ZzzZ.. ZzzzzZZz…Zz… ZZ…z.z..zz. That means that I’m feeling tired, my eyelids are forcing their way down. Luckily for you guys, I will finish my post first.. (d’aww!!). Oslo is surprisingly nice! A rather modern, friendly city where almost everyone speaks good English (even the women from the tourist shop, who gave directions to her competitor because she didn’t had what I was looking for…). Besides their good English, the people of Oslo apparently are also very sportive… there are joggers and cyclists all over the place! A place worth visiting in Oslo is Aker Brygge: a completely newly build part where I think all the rich people live. It’s an extremely fancy neighbourhood, big cars, weird art sculptures and expensive food.

Now it’s time to board the famous Bergensbanan: a train line from Bergen to Oslo vv, which is considered one of the worlds most scenic journeys. A 7 hour train-trip (first overnight, going back in the morning), climbing to 1200 meters above sea level while giving me the most scenic view of the Fjords of Norway.

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