Night Trains in Spain

The Night Trains in Spain, Intercités de Nuit and Trenhotel, are of excellent quality. There are plenty of options for sleeping accomodations. Such as simple straight-up seats or shared compartments. These Spanish Night Trains can bring you all the way to Portugal, Southern France and Northern Spain.

Traveling internationally from Portugal is basically only possible with Night Trains. Enjoy them to the fullest and save on hotel costs! Before you head out, do not forget to explore Madrid and Barcelona. These are amazing cities and well worth a city trip. Can you imagine falling asleep and then waking up in the centre of Lisbon? Or just across the border in France, one TGV ride away from beautiful Paris. Endless possibilities.

For all Night Trains a sleeper supplement is required with Interrail.

Night Trains in Spain - Where do you want to travel to? -
Night Trains in Spain – Where do you want to travel to? –

Within Spain

Trenhotel 751/752/851/852 (Rias Gallegas) operates between Madrid, Ferrol and Vigo.
Trenhotel 921/922 (Galicia) operates between Barcelona, Vigo and A Coruña.

From Spain to France

ICN 3730/3731 operates between Perpignan/Cerbère and Paris, via Carcassonne.
Trenhotel 310/311 (Sud Expresso) operates between Lisbon and Hendaye/Irun.

From Spain to Portugal

Trenhotel 310/311 (Sud Expresso) operates between Hendaye/Irun and Lisbon.
Trenhotel 332/335 (Lusitania) operates between Madrid and Lisbon.

Interrail costs

Intercités de Nuit
seat (2nd class): ~€10.00
6-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€20.00
4-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€20.00

Supplements can be bought online. Note that usually you can only make reservations for domestic connections.

seat (2nd class): ~€07.00
4-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€30.00
2-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€45.00
1-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€85.00

Supplements cannot be bought online.

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