Night-Trains in Spain

The Night-Trains in Spain, the Trenhotel, are excellent trains to let yourself be transported by during the night towards France and Portugal. There are plenty of options for various types of accomodations, from simple straight-up seats to complete private compartments. These Night-Trains can bring you all the way to Lisbon, Northern Spain and the French border. Furthermore, these Night-Trains are basically the only option to travel internationally towards Portugal – so why not enjoy it to the fullest and save hotel costs. For all Night-Trains in Spain a supplement is required.

All-year-round Night-Trains in Spain
The Renfe Trenhotel 751/851 (“Rias Gallegas”) operates from Madrid (22:14) to Ferrol (10:25) and Pontevedra (09:33).
The Renfe Trenhotel 752/852 (“Rias Gallegas”) operates from Ferrol (20:40) and Pontevedra (21:28) to Madrid (09:31).
The Renfe Trenhotel 921 (“Galicia”) operates from A Coruña (17:46) and Vigo (17:55) to Barcelona (08:49).
The Renfe Trenhotel 922 (“Galicia”) operates from Barcelona (20:20) to A Coruña (11:14) and Vigo (11:41).

All-year-round Night-Trains between Spain and France/Portugal
The Renfe Trenhotel 310 (“Sud Expresso”) operates from Lisbon (21:25) to Hendaye (11:33).
The Renfe Trenhotel 313 (“Sud Expresso”) operates from Hendaye (18:35) to Lisbon (07:30).
The Renfe Trenhotel 332 (“Lusitania”) operates from Madrid (21:43) to Lisbon (07:30).
The Renfe Trenhotel 335 (“Lusitania”) operates from Lisbon (21:25) to Madrid (08:40).

Supplement costs
Renfe Trenhotel
2nd class seat: ~€07.00
2nd class 4-bed sleeper: ~€30.00
2nd class 2-bed sleeper: ~€45.00
2nd class 1-bed sleeper: ~€85.00
1st class 2-bed sleeper: ~€55.00
1st class 1-bed sleeper: ~€105.00
Supplements cannot be bought online.

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