Night Trains in Montenegro

The Night Trains in Montenegro, the FastTrain, are old but decent trains. There are plenty of options for sleeping accomodations. Such as simple straight-up seats or shared compartments. These trains can bring you all the way across Montenegro into Serbia. Did you know that the railway between Bar and Belgrade is one of the most prettiest in Europe? With a total of 254 tunnels and 435 bridges it’s a true masterpiece (seat61).

From Belgrade there are connections to neighbouring countries, such as Croatia, Hungary and Bulgaria. Traveling in the Balkan area is an adventure, and these Night Trains are prone to hours of delay. Even considering the customs-checks in the middle of the night, and the lack of information before and during travel, there is a certain charm while traveling on these Night Trains to/from Montenegro.

For all Night Trains a sleeper supplement is required with Interrail.

Night Trains in Montenegro - Rungue - Ignacio Olmedo Godoy -
Night Trains in Montenegro – Rungue – Ignacio Olmedo Godoy –

From Montenegro to Serbia

FastTrain 432/433 (Lovcén) operates between Bar and Belgrade via Podgorica.

Summer period

FastTrain 1136/1137 (Panonija) operates between Bar and Subotica via Podgorica.

Interrail costs

seat (2nd class): ~€03.00
seat (1st class): ~€03.00
6-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€05.00 – ~€10.00
4-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€10.00 – ~€15.00
3-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€15.00
2-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€20.00
1-bed sleeper (1st class): ~€45.00

Supplements cannot be bought online.

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