Night-Trains in Greece

The Night-Trains in Greece, the EuroNight, are old but decent trains to let yourself be transported by during the night. There are plenty of options for various types of accomodations, from simple straight-up seats to shared compartments. These Greek Night-Trains can bring you all the way from Thessaloniki towards the Balkan area (Belgrade, Bucharest, Skopje and Sofia). This is the only way to travel outside of Greece by rail, except for a single day train between Thessaloniki and Sofia. From Belgrade there are connections all the way to Switzerland, and from Sofia there are connections towards Turkey. Traveling in the Balkan area is an adventure, and these Night-Trains are prone to hours of delay. Even considering the customs-checks in the middle of the night, and the lack of information before and during travel, there is a certain charm while traveling on these Night-Trains to/from Greece. There is one additional sort-of-Night-Train in Greece, a seat-only InterCity that travels during the night between Athens/Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis. For all Night-Trains in Greece a supplement is required.

Seasonal Night-Trains between Greece and Bulgaria/Macedonia/Romania/Serbia
Cancelled: The FastTrain 334 (“Hellas”) operates from Thessaloniki (18:23) to Belgrade (08:00), via Skopje (22:19).
Cancelled: The FastTrain 335 (“Hellas”) operates from Belgrade (18:21) to Thessaloniki (10:08), via Skopje (04:25).
The FastTrain 460 (“Romania”) operates from Thessaloniki (23:10) to Bucharest (18:58), via Sofia (09:00).
The FastTrain 461 (“Romania”) operates from Bucharest (12:45) to Thessaloniki (06:30), via Sofia (23:50).

Supplement costs
2nd class seat: ~€00.00
2nd class 6-bed sleeper: ~€10.00
2nd class 4-bed sleeper: ~€15.00
Supplements cannot be bought online.

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Night-Trains in Greece - Friendly dogs at the train station
Night-Trains in Greece – Friendly dogs at the train station
Night-Trains in Greece - The Acropolis
Night-Trains in Greece – The Acropolis