Night Trains in Finland

The Night Trains in Finland, VR, are of excellent quality. There are plenty of options for sleeping accomodations. Such as simple straight-up seats or shared compartments. These Finnish Night Trains can bring you all the way from Helsinki/Turku across the country.

Popular destinations are Kemijärvi and Kolari for skiing. Also Rovaniemi is very popular, as it is the hometown of Santa Claus. Turku and Helsinki are well worth a city-trip. Traveling to Sweden is possible by ferry. Alternatively you can travel via Kemi, Haparanda and Lulea. 

There is a certain charm to traveling overnight. Slowly falling asleep on the rhythm of the train and waking up in a different country. Best of all, you save on accomodation costs. For all Night Trains a sleeper supplement is optional with Interrail. However, regular Night Train tickets within Finland have seat reservation.

Therefore do buy this supplement. Otherwise you will be woken up quite often…

Night Trains in Finland - Departure | Helsinki central train station - Franck Michel -
Night Trains in Finland – Departure | Helsinki central train station – Franck Michel –

Within Finland

Aurora Borealis Express
VR 262/263 & 269/270 operates between Helski and Kolari.

Santa Claus Express
VR 264/267 & 265/274 operates between Helsinki and Kemijärvi, via Rovaniemi.
VR 266/273/904/933 operates between Helsinki, Turku and Rovaniemi.

Interrail costs

seat (2nd class): ~€05.00 (optional)
2-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€30.00
1-bed sleeper (2nd class): ~€55.00

Supplements can be bought online via an external partner, including a service fee. Upon booking select ‘Reservations’ in the top screen.

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