Train travel news in Africa, Europe and the United States of America.

Train travel news – January 2019

[EUROPE] The Eurostar, operating between London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam have announced a 3th daily service between London and Amsterdam, starting from June 2019. This service bridges the gap between the early morning and the late afternoon departure. Travel times will be around 4 hours. Source.

[USA] The ‘Sunset Limited’, that operates 3 times a week between New Orleans and Los Angeles has been reduced to 2 times a week due to long-lasting construction work of 7 weeks. This is in affect from January 20 till at least March 9. The remaining 2 services have extended travel times, with approximately 5 hours. If you’re traveling through the USA you might want to leave out this route, as trains can become quite busy! Furthermore, the ‘Crescent’, operating between New Orleans and  New York will be cancelled between New Orleans and Atlanta on Mondays through Thursdays. This is in affect from January 7 till at least February 14. Source.

[EUROPE] Interrail has made some amazing anouncements that shocked the traveling world! New passes have been introduced, up to 3 months of continueous travel. Want do have some more flexibility? How about the 15 days of travel within 2 months. As previously mentioned, the 7 PM rule has been changed and some various railway operators now accept the Interrail pass. Source.

[EUROPE] Lithuania has joined the Eurail/Interrail community! You can now travel to the beautiful cities Kaunas and Vilnius! Wander around the stunning Curonian Spit & Kursiu Nerija National Park. Lithuania is a true hidden gem that not many have seen. You can easily reach Lithuania via Poland. Details are hard to find, but apparently Interrail & Eurail Pass holders will get a 20 percent discount on all trains within Lithuania. SourceUpdate! Interrail has announced that Lithuania has fully joined the Interrail vibe, enjoy traveling! Source.

* [EUROPE] The Eurail/Interrail 7 PM rule has changed. Originally you could take various Night-Trains as long as all of them departed after 19:00 and had their final arrival after 04:00, and then only write down the arrival date. This rule made traveling with a non-continueous pass even more convenient, as you could cover large distances over-night on a single travel day. As of January 1 2019 this has changed. As the 7 PM rule was quite complicated, they have simplified it. Now you can board any train before 00:00 and continue on this train for as long as you can without making any transfers, and only write down the departure date. Example routes with a single travel day: Amsterdam to Lisbon, Berlin to Palermo or Paris – Zagreb. Source.

* [EUROPE] Due to the Baskentray Project, which includes modernization of the railway tracks and signalling around Ankara, the High-Speed services from Ankara to Eskişehir, Konya and Istanbul do no longer operate to/from Ankara YHT station. Railway operator TCDD provides a bus-substitution service between Ankara YHT station and Eryaman YHT station (a suburb of Ankara). This measure is in effect from January 2 2019 untill further notice. Source.

Train travel news - The Baskentray Project in Ankara
Train travel news – The Baskentray Project in Ankara