Destination #23 – Madrid. Madrid was nice! It felt like not too many people cared about the fact that Real Madrid did not became the champion of the Primera Division. It was rather busy with people in Madrid, while I would expected that more people would have been watching the match. There are many squares/places where people are making music, and a huge crowd gathers to relax and enjoy. When visiting Madrid you should definitely walk on the Gran Vía, a big shopping street having everything that you may need. Furthermore Madrid is awesome with respect to public parks. It’s relaxing, you’re completely surrounded by nature – and it’s in the middle of the city!! You can’t even hear the city anymore. In the evening we took the Hotel-Train to Lisbon, falling asleep at approximately 23:00 and waking up at 08:00 to see that you’re in Lisbon is awesome. Tonight we’ll be going to Hendaye, followed by an 8-hour transfer before continuing to Paris (all TGV’s unfortunately were already full). We’ll go to the beach then, let’s hope for sunny weather!!

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