Destination #20 – Ljubljana. You know that as soon as you arrive in Ljubljana, you step out, walk in the direction of the city centre, and you see at least a hunderd-fold more asian tourists with camera’s compared to the previous destinations: you can expect something nice! Well and those tourists we’re correct for choosing Ljubljana. The city-centre is a fun, neat and booming hotspot. Apparently it has also been awarded with Europe’s most green capital…, which I totally agree on. The river that runs through Ljubljana helps with that perspective, because the water is actually kinda green. Combine that with the snowy mountains surrounding Ljubljana in the distance and it’s picture perfect. While strolling through the city I became hungry.. or well just wanted to eat something. I love asian cuisine (at least asian cuisines as we know them in the Netherlands) so I stopped at ‘The Wok’. After ordering something that appealed not so spicy to me I watched the cook prepping my food. Luckily, as I soon found out, I had a big bottle (2L) of sprite with me… which I needed badly. Oh my it was so spicy I could barely eat it ghehehehe. Hopefully the fresh mountain air will blow that spicyness out of me, otherwise I’ll be out of sprite too soon. Looking forward to Lake Bled, which should be on any ‪#‎Interrail‬ list (apparently it frequently is, because this is the first conductor in a very long time who knew what #Interrail was)! Oh and btw… the train journey from Zagreb to Ljubljana is absolutely gorgeous.. the whole trip the train runs directly alongside the Sava river… stunning.

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