Interrail reservations in Switzerland

Switzerland is an amazing country to explore by Interrail! Switzerland has many international connections to neighbouring countries, during the day but also over-night in some specific cases. All trains within Switzerland are free of charge! For some international trains a seat reservation is required. Below you can find all details of trains in Switzerland. Interrail reservations in Switzerland that can be made online are indicated in blue, otherwise simply make a reservation at any manned train station.

Train Type Train Name Operator Reservation 2nd class 1st class Destinations
Suburban S-Bahn SBB Switzerland
Regional SBB Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Liechtenstein
InterCity SBB Optional €04.50 €04.50 Germany, Switzerland
InterCity EuroCity SBB Optional €04.50 €04.50 Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland
InterCity RailJet ÖBB Optional €03.00 €03.00 Austria,  Hungary, Switzerland
HighSpeed ICE DBahn Optional €04.50 €05.90  Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands
HighSpeed TGV Lyria SNCF Required €16.00 €26.00 France, Switzerland
HighSpeed ICN SBB Optional €04.50 €04.50 Switzerland
NightTrain D-Train, EuroNight, NightJet ÖBB Required €03.50-€114.00 €03.50-€134.00 Austria, Croatia, Hungary,  Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland

* International travel with the EuroCity to/from Italy requires a reservation. The reservation fee is approximately €10.00 2nd class and €15.00 1st class.
* Your Interrail pass is also valid with local transport from operators AB, ASM, Bernina Express (only the public part), BDWM, BLS, BLT, Centovalli Express, Centovalli Panorama (reservation required), Centovalli Regionale, Glacier Express (only the public part), Chemins de Fer du Jura, Fornbach, FW, LEB, MBC, MGB, MOB, MVR, NstCM, RA, RhB, SOB, SSIF, THURBO, TILO, TMR, TPC, TPF, Travys, TRN, WB, WSB, ZB.
* Your Interrail pass is also valid on the DBahn IC Bus, which covers various routes that are not well connected by train. A supplement of €04.50 is required, which you will need to buy at the train station.
* Your interrail pass offers you various discounts with other private railways in Switzerland,
* Want to know more about the various Night-Trains? Have a look at the night trains section.

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Interrail reservations in Switzerland - Interrail advertisement in the train!
Interrail reservations in Switzerland – Interrail advertisement in the train!
Interrail reservations in Switzerland - Pretty Bern
Interrail reservations in Switzerland – Pretty Bern