Interrail reservations in Hungary

Denmark is an amazing country to explore by Interrail! Hungary has frequent connections to all neighbouring countries, during the day but also over-night. There is a whole variety of different trains within Hungary, each with it’s own “rules”. Below you can find all details of trains in Hungary. Interrail reservations in Hungary that can be made online are indicated in blue, otherwise simply make a reservation at any manned train station.

Reservations overview

Train TypeSpecific Train NameOperatorReservation2nd class1st classDestinations
RegionalMAVAustria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine*
InterCityInterRegioCFRRequired€01.00€01.00Hungary, Romania
InterCityEuroCity, FT, InterCity, INTMAVOptional€03.50€03.50 Austria, Croatia, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland*, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine*
HighSpeedRailJetÖBBOptional€03.00€03.00Austria, Germany, Hungary
NightTrainAdria, Beograd, Corona,  D-Train, EuroNight, IstriaMAVRequired€03.00-€94.00€03.00-€136.00Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Ukraine*

Reservations remarks

* Did you know that your Interrail pass is also valid with operators GySEV?
* International travel with the EuroCity to/from Poland requires a reservation. Note that the reservation fee is approximately €04.00 2nd class and €04.00 1st class.
* When you travel domesticly within Hungary with RailJet, a reservation is required.
* Unfortunately, your Interrail pass is not valid within Ukraine.
* Do you want to know more about the various Night-Trains? Then have a look at the night trains section.

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Interrail reservations in Hungary - Budapest train station
Interrail reservations in Hungary – Budapest train station
Interrail reservations in Hungary - View on Budapest
Interrail reservations in Hungary – View on Budapest