Interrail reservations in Germany

Germany is an amazing country to explore by Interrail and has many international connections! Furthermore, you can travel towards many countries with luxurious Night-Trains, bringing you all the way to Budapest, Rome, Vienna or Zagreb. You can simply hop on nearly any train free of charge with Interrail, except on those luxurious Night-Trains. Explore beautiful Köln, experience modern Frankfurt and embrace the history of Berlin. Try all the local specialities.. such as sauerkraut, bratwust and mett. And let’s not forget the many flavors of beer! There are many regions to see, such as Bavaria or the stunning Rhône valley. Step on board on the awesome luxurious HighSpeed ICE trains, as they are free of charge for Interrailers. Below you can find all details of trains in Germany. Interrail reservations in Germany that can be made online are indicated in blue, otherwise simply make a reservation at any manned train station.

Reservations overview

Train TypeSpecific Train NameOperatorReservation2nd class1st classDestinations
SuburbanS-BahnDBahnGermany (Berlin, Hamburg)
RegionalDBahnAustria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, the Netherlands
InterCityDBahnOptional€04.50€05.90Austria, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands
InterCityEuroCityDBahnOptional€04.50€05.90Austria, Denmark*, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy*, Slovenia, Switzerland
InterCityRailJetÖBBOptional€03.00€03.00Austria, Germany, Hungary
InterCityBerlin-Warsaw/Gdynia ExpressDBahnRequired€04.50€04.50Germany, Poland
HighSpeedICEDBahnOptional€04.50€05.90Austria, Belgium, France*, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands
HighSpeedAlleoSNCFRequired€20.00-€25.00€25.00-€30.00Belgium, Germany, France
NightTrainEuroNight, NightJet, ​SnälltågetDBahnRequired€06.00-€114.00€66.00-€199.00Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland

Reservations remarks

* International travel with the EuroCity to/from Italy requires a reservation of about €10.00 2nd class and €15.00 1st class.
* International travel with the ICE to/from France requires a reservation of about €25.00 2nd class and €30.00 1st class.
* You need to make a reservation during summer for the EuroCity between Denmark (Copenhagen) and Germany (Hamburg). Besides that an over-night InterCity is operational.
* Your Interrail pass is valid on the DBahn IC Bus. These buses cover various routes that are not well connected by train. You will need to buy a supplement of €04.50 at the train station or online.
* Did you know that your Interrail pass is also valid with local transport from operators Abellio, AG, ALEX, Arriva, BLB, BOB-FN, BRB, BSB, CAN, CB, EB, Eisenbahn, ERX, Eurobahn, Euregiobahn, EVB, HEX, HLB,HZL, M,ME, MRB, NEB, NOB, NWB, ODEG, OSB, RT (only from/to Warburg), RTB, S28, SAA, STB, SWEG, TransRegio, VBG, VTA and WFB?
* Reservations for the seasonal Snälltåget NightTrain between Berlin and Malmö can be made online.
* Want to know more about the various Night-Trains? Then have a look at the night trains section.
* Want to know more about the various Ferries? Then have a look at the ferries section.

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Interrail reservations in Germany - Saying goodbye at Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Interrail reservations in Germany – Saying goodbye at Berlin Hauptbahnhof
Interrail reservations in Germany - Würst würst würst!!
Interrail reservations in Germany – Würst würst würst!!