Interrail reservations in Belgium

Belgium is an awesome country to explore by Interrail! Nearly every single train can be directly boarded when you have an Interrail pass – simply hop on and enjoy. Belgium has many international connections to neighbouring countries, only during the day. Below you can find all details of trains in Belgium. Interrail reservations in Belgium that can be made online are indicated in blue, otherwise simply make a reservation at any manned train station.

Reservations overview

Train Type Specific Train Name Operator Reservation 2nd class 1st class Destinations
Regional NMBS Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands
InterCity NMBS Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands
HighSpeed ICE DBahn Optional €04.50 €05.90 Belgium, Germany
HighSpeed Alleo SNCF Required €15.00-€20.00 €20.00-€25.00 Belgium, France, Germany
HighSpeed TGV SNCF Required €20.00 €30.00 Belgium, France
HighSpeed Thalys SNCF Required €15.00-€20.00 €20.00-€25.00 Belgium, France, the Netherlands
HighSpeed Eurostar Eurostar Required €35.00 €43.00 Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom

Reservations remarks

* When you arrive or depart at Brussels Zaventem Airport you will need to buy a “diabolo” supplement. This supplement of €05.40 can be bought at the train station.
* Your Interrail pass is also valid on the DBahn IC Bus, which covers various routes that are not well connected by train. A supplement of €04.50 is required, which you will need to buy at the train station.
* There is a budget-friendly alternative for traveling into France with IZY, more specifically Paris. Interrail is not accepted on this train, however a 2nd class ticket costs only between €10.00 and €19.00 and a 1st class ticket costs €29.00.
* Reservations for the TGV between Belgium and France cannot be made online.

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Interrail reservations in Belgium - Manneken Pis
Interrail reservations in Belgium – Manneken Pis
Interrail reservations in Belgium - Market Square
Interrail reservations in Belgium – Market Square