Turkey to Georgia - Amazing Caucasus - Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

The Ultimate Georgia Travel Guide

Georgia Travel Guide - The ruins of ancient Armenian capital Ani - Surp Asdvadzadzin
Want to know how to travel through Armenia across the Ayrum / Bagratashen border to Georgia? The best way is during the pitch-black night! Slowly the Soviet-styled train starts moving towards Georgia, crawling around Mount Aragats. Enjoy the views while it lasts, because once the twilight starts it’s bed time till Tbilisi.
Georgia Travel Guide - Ananuri Viewpoint
Want to know how to travel through Azerbaijan across the Qazax / Rustavi border to Georgia? It’s cheap, efficient, fast, simple, and very relaxed! While departing from Baku, look to your right to spot the famous “mud vulcanoes”! If you have binoculars with you, you might even spot some rocks hiding ancient hieroglyphs.
Georgia Travel Guide - The road to Kazbegi
Want to know how to travel through Turkey across the Hopa / Sarpi border to Georgia? It’s an amazing itinerary for the adventurous traveler! When you are traveling this way you have to board the Dogu Express. Dive into Turkish culture, visit the ancient Armenian capital Ani and travel through impressive mountains and beautiful scenery.
Georgia Travel Guide - Eating fresh made bread
The capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, is an absolute gem. Did you know that Tbilisi translates to “warm location”? It’s because the old town of Tbilisi is located on top of sulphuric hot springs.
Georgia Travel Guide - Sulphur Bathhouses of Tbilisi
This country is truly fascinating. All the way in the west you’ll find the Black Sea. So, perfect for soaking up the sun. And in the north are the majestic Caucasus mountains, a hiking paradise.
Georgia Travel Guide - Time to score some souvenirs
Do I need a visa? How do I travel to Georgia from Armenia, Azerbaijan or Turkey? Can I speak English? How to get around? No need to worry. Georgia is an open-minded friendly country embrasing the western culture. She is ready to receive travelers.

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