My Interrail-planning through Europe: part (1)

As you have probably read in the About me section, I love train traveling. So.. I will start my Interrail trip through Europe: visiting at least the capital cities of 30 participating countries in 30 days. In this blog I will describe the first part of my journey and the most important/interesting things that I will expect to see, will do and shall experience.

April 22 – April 27
My journey starts in my own country: Amsterdam, from there I will first go up to Scandinavia. I will conquer the icy cold of Lapland, cruising the Baltic sea and railing through the Fjords of Norway on the rail-line Oslo-Bergen (which is supposed to be one of the world’s most stunning rail-lines). A very funny aspect is that one of the trains that I’m going to take will cross the Baltic sea without tracks… HUH? Yep! One of the ICE’s in Germany is actually being transported by a ferry on a part of it’s itinerary – the same way as cars do. I have to admit, haven’t seen that before :).

April 28 – April 29
When leaving Scandinavia by train, there are 3 options; in my case it’s the same as how I got there; the train-ferry. However there are also options for the very adventurous travelers which are not included in Interrail passes – but who knows when this will change? It is possible to take a ferry from Helsinki, and make your way down via Tallinn (Estonia), Riga (Latvia) & Vilnius (Lithuania) to Warsaw (major improvements are going on with respect to the tracks in those countries, so bus replacement all over the place). Or you can decide to go via Helsinki – Sint Petersburg – Moscow with Russian Trains and then make your way South/East. But, sticking to my journey: I will leave Scandinavia via Copenhagen – and will continue my trip in the direction of Berlin and Warsaw.

April 30 – May 03
When done exploring Berlin & Warsaw I will take the night train to Prague, from which other capital cities are located very nearby (Wien & Bratislava); which is good for my tight schedule! Hence I decided to visit all 3 cities in just 1 day: Prague (05:58 – 10:49), Wien (14:51 – 18:16), Bratislava (19:22 – 07:53). The main reason I do this is to give me some extra time later-on, where train-traveling will be a lot less straightforward (but, more exciting!). From Bratislava I will start railing into the Balkan area. Via Budapest and Bucharest I will make my way west all the way to Ankara. This is a rather interesting part of my journey, due to the fact that in Turkey rail-maintenance is taking place roughly everywhere (they are making high-speed tracks). To get from Bucharest to Ankara I have to take a train first in Bucharest (duhh..), then change in the middle of nowhere to another train that will bring me to Dimitrovgrad (where?). In Dimitrovgrad a train from the direction of Sofia (capital of Bulgaria) will bring me to Kapikule, where currently a bus replacement is scheduled (after you’ve been accepted into Turkey… in the middle of the night..). From Kapikule to Istanbul will be a small 5-hours bus journey. But that’s not all.. from Istanbul I have to figure out how I cross the Bosphorus (something called a Marmaris), and take a metro (Ayrılıkçeşme) + bus (Kartal) to Pendik from where high-speed trains to Ankara run. Oef… I hope I can find my way.

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  1. Wilma says:

    Have fun on your trip, Koen!

  2. Dave says:

    Enjoy your journey through Europe. Trein ze!

  3. Marcel Nijbroek says:

    Ow wat ongelofelijk spannend, en wat een goede voorbereiding, tot in de details !

  4. Astrid says:

    Fijn om te lezen dat laatst stukje?, Goed voor de gemoedsrust van je moeder. Hoop dat ik me kan ontspannen in de Turkse zon!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ondernemend hoor Koen, dat doe ik je niet na. Ik ga je volgen, en je moeder ondersteunen, ha ha.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Heel veel plezier koen. Geniet er van, spannend hoor.

  7. Mo says:

    Wauw koen!!! Dat had ik je een paar jaar geleden niet uit je 😉 mouw geschud!! Wat top dat je zo van het leven geniet! Maak er wat van geniet elke dag van wat je op je trip tegenkomt!

  8. Edd Kamps says:

    Coool Koen! Veel succes, volgens mij gaat het zo beginnen!

  9. Loek says:

    Succes Koen en veel plezier. Op naar Vytopna 😉

  10. Abon says:

    Neus vooruit, en je hand voor je kruis!
    Veel plezier 🙂

  11. Marlies says:

    Gaaf gedaan zeg, het is in die landen altijd heel erg gaaf om die oude treinen over die oude rails te zien gaan! Heerlijk!

  12. Rick says:

    Klopt, al zie je niet net zoals hier in Nederland iedere 10 minuten een trein langs komen. Aan de ene kant wel leuk want dan kijk je er ook meer van op als er een mooie oude voorbij komt gereden

  1. March 28, 2016

    […] As you have probably read in the ‘About me‘ section, I love train traveling. So.. I will start my InterRail trip through Europe: visiting at least 31 capital cities (de jure) in 31 participating countries. In this blog I will divide my journey into ‘parts’ – describing the most important/interesting things that I will expect to see, do and experience. You can read ‘part 1’ ‘here‘. […]

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