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Bestemming #10 – Budapest. Budapest was great! A lot of architecture everywhere (as with the previous destinations), but in Budapest it’s just a little big “bigger”.


Destination #9 – Aaaaand on my way to Budapest, just left Bratislava and unfortunately leaving the sunny weather behind me. First of all: I’ve slept wonderful in Bratislava,


Destination #8 – Wien: After experiencing Warsaw and Prague, Wien disappoints me a little bit. Its “tourist attractions” are rather far away located from each other – and there isn’t that much to see in Wien in my opinion.


Destination #7 – Prague: Absolutely stunning. Getting on board the train to Prague was quite difficult as you’ve probably read in my previous post.. well it gets even better.


Destination #6 – Waw. Warsaw is awesome – I totally didn’t see that one coming. It already started as soon as I boarded the train to Poland:


Destination $5 – Und…. Ich habe Deutschland verlassen.. i Witamy w Polsce. If you love architecture, you should definitely go to Berlin – lots of old pretty buildings.


Destination #4 – ZzzZ.. ZzzzzZZz…Zz… ZZ…z.z..zz. That means that I’m feeling tired, my eyelids are forcing their way down. Luckily for you guys, I will finish my post first.. (d’aww!!). Oslo is surprisingly nice!


Destination #3 – Back on rails! Just departed from Stockholm, after a ferry relaxing cruise (pun :’)). Luckily for me the weather is stil sunny – and it seems like this will at least remain so till I leave Scandinavia – yey.



Reached destination #2: Helsinki! After a super-cute train journey I arrived in a rainy Helsinki (lots of people with dogs on the train – they especially liked me when I ate knackebrödpizza from the IKEA). Luckily soon after I arrived the sun showed herself as well.



Destination #1 – This morning my alarm clock went off at 03:45 AM… oef! After pushing everything in my backpack (it barely fitted!) I arrived in-time for the train from 04:50 departing at Osnabrück Hauptbahnhof. Shortly after 12 PM I arrived in sunny Copenhagen (destination #1) – which is actually a really nice city in pretty-weather conditions.