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Destination #20 – Ljubljana. You know that as soon as you arrive in Ljubljana, you step out, walk in the direction of the city centre, and you see at least a hunderd-fold more asian tourists with camera’s compared to the previous destinations: you can expect something nice! Well and those tourists we’re correct for choosing Ljubljana.


Destination #19 – Zagreb. Hello from sunny Zagreb! I’ve slept pretty well, 10 hours straight. After a nice breakfast (they even made eggs with ham for me) I’m ready to continue!


Destination #18 – Sarajevo. Pfoeh…. I’m completely exhausted… I have a cold, keep sneezing constantly and I can barely keep me eyes open. But don’t worry.. I’ll finish this update first.


Destination #17 – Podgorica. So far the most boring city I’ve seen. Montenegro is absolutely stunning while being on the train – so I recommend do not step out.. lol.


Destination #16 – Belgrad. Yeah!! I’m connected to the world again. Apparently data roaming is not operational for all countries. Luckily Podgorica offers free WiFi!


Destination #15 – Skopje. Woosh… I’m already in Belgrade (time flies when you travel overnight). Yesterday evening I arrived in Skopje, after a tremendous pleasant journey through Macedonia.


Destination #14 – Athens. I think this has been the most “inexperienced” moment in my life. When I left Sofia there was already something weird going on,


Destination #13 – Sofia. Currently in Sofia – which I don’t like. In my opinion it’s ugly and outdated. Positive is that most people seem to speak English, and that the landscape surrounding Sofia is absolutely stunning.


Destination #12 – Ankara. After some struggle with languages and currencies… (I ended up with free travel on the metro systems in Istanbul… and traveling on someone else’s public transport card on the bus in Istanbul… but details later) I finally arrived in Ankara


Destination #11 – Bucharest. Oeff.. writing the next interesting chapter in a McDonalds at Bucharest Gara de Nord. After surviving 2 extensive passport checks I was allowed to travel into Romania,