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Back in the Netherlands! Just finished visiting my last destination: Amsterdam. I made it!!!! Although there were multiple difficulties along the way, I still completed my journey according to schedule – which was quite the effort.


Destination #29 – Dublin. In Dublin’s fair city, where the girls are soooo pretty. I first set my eyes on sweet Molly Malooooone, as she wheeled her wheelbarrow through streeds broad and narrow.


Destination #28 – A very nice city. Unfortunately I didn’t have that much time left after being stuck in traffic for over 2 hours. To make it even worse, there was also a people-traffic-jam near the Big Ben


Destination #27 – So… Brussels! I’m on my own again by the way, my dad has returned home safely after 7 days being with me. Brussels is actually pretty nice, as soon as you’re past the shock of the view on the train (dreadful).


Destination #26 – ….Still on schedule! I’m lacking behind with updates, but the last couple of hours have been tremendously interesting and agonizing. But first… I still have to update you about Luxembourg.


Destination #25- Paris. Letté mê writtuh some-thingky aboûtteh París. Although we were there for a very very very short time (time flies in Paris!), we were still happy we could enjoy at least the number #1 tourist-attraction.


Destination #24 – Lisbon. Currently I’m in Hendaye. Some place on the French-Spanish border, where the trains coming from Portugal/Spain end and the trains going to France start. Unfortunately all TGV’s were fully booked on Hendaye-Paris


Destination #23 – Madrid. Madrid was nice! It felt like not too many people cared about the fact that Real Madrid did not became the champion of the Primera Division. It was rather busy with people in Madrid, while I would expected that more people would have been watching the match.


Destination #22 – Rome. I think the most tourist-oriented city I’ve seen so far. It doesn’t matter where you are in Rome: people will try to force you to go in their restaurant – or they are selling you a selfie stick.


Destination #21 – Bern. So… I initially planned yesterday evening to go see the tiny capital of Liechtenstein (Vaduz) – and then continuing to Bern where I would find a place to sleep. However… I soon found out that sleeping in Bern was so incredible expensive