Destination #21 – Bern. So… I initially planned yesterday evening to go see the tiny capital of Liechtenstein (Vaduz) – and then continuing to Bern where I would find a place to sleep. However… I soon found out that sleeping in Bern was so incredible expensive (of course, I knew this on forehand.. but didn’t expect hostels to be so expensive), that I decided to stay in Feldkirch (close to Vaduz). The next morning I would continue to Bern. So… I took the train to the station of Schaan-Vaduz, and there took the bus to Vaduz. Soon I found out however, that barely any trains/busses in the surrounding area went to Feldkirch in the evening. So after being for 5 minutes in Vaduz I had to walk quite fast for a whole hour to be on time in Buchs SG (Switzerland) to take the train to Feldkirch (so.. lesson learned: with a tight schedule, do not improvise). The walk through the countryside was quite nice however, mountains / (bloody) sun / green / river, you name it. So now I’m in Bern – which is incredibly expensive (luckily I already bought some food in Austria), which is a rather nice city. Besides being ridiculously expensive (did I mention that?) it’s neat, fresh and green. Soon I’ll be off to Italy! But first.. there lies an incredible mountain-journey ahead of me. Do google about the Bernina Express, then you know enough (side note: I’m taking the regular trains that run on this route as well).

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