Destination #16 – Belgrad. Yeah!! I’m connected to the world again. Apparently data roaming is not operational for all countries. Luckily Podgorica offers free WiFi! I’ve just arrived here after an unbelievable stunning and unforgettable trip, but those details are saved for tomorrow. This morning I arrived in Beograd, which in my opinion is a rather ‘normal’ city. Nothing special for me, although they do have very nice McDonalds employees who allowed me to freshen up myself after 2 days of not being able to do so.. (god I looked hideous). Luckily Beograd can also be pretty, but probably not in the morning while being alone. At 09:10 I stepped on the famous train to Podgorica, it covers 254 tunnels and 435 bridges, on a 296-mile journey ( Short but powerful update: now it’s time to explore Podgorica with my temporary travel buddy….

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