Azerbaijan to Georgia - The diverse landscape of eastern Azerbaijan

The large distance between Baku and Tbilisi can easily be covered over-night! Simply hop on board on the daily sleeper train from Azerbaijan to Georgia. While departing from Baku, look to your right to spot the famous “mud vulcanoes”! If you have binoculars with you, you might even spot some ancient hieroglyphs.

The daily Night-Train between Baku and Tbilisi passes through Gobustan. A little town famous for it’s mud vulcanoes and hieroglyphs. Be sure to have visited both sights, with a bus tour, before you head towards Georgia! This journey is quite straightforward. Firstly, fall asleep once you depart Baku. Secondly, wake up in the middle of the night for customs. Finally, open your eyes again early morning in Tbilisi. Then head to the closest local bakery to buy some delicious fresh made bread to kick-start your day. Of all border crosses in Georgia, this is the easiest one! And below you can find all the details of how to do this.

Azerbaijan to Georgia - Heydar Aliyev Center
Azerbaijan to Georgia – Heydar Aliyev Center

From Baku to Tbilisi

The most convenient route from Baku to Tbilisi is by train. Every single day there is a Night-Train between these 2 cities. You can go for luxury in first class, have some decent sleep in 2nd class or meet fellow travelers and locals in 3th class! The Baku train station is quite a distance from the center, but the city is pretty enough to consider walking. From Baku the Night-Train departs at 20:40. From Tbilisi the Night-Train departs at 20:35. The prices for an amazing night on the train ranges from ~20 Azerbaijani Manat to ~60 Azerbaijani Manat. To those exotic travelers wanting to build an amazing itinerary.. expand your horizon to Russia and Ukraine! Furthermore, Baku is connected directly to some beautiful cities, such as Rostov, Moscow and Kiev. Oh by the way you can buy tickets online at

Azerbaijan to Georgia - Ancient hieroglyphs
Azerbaijan to Georgia – Ancient hieroglyphs
Azerbaijan to Georgia - The amazing mud vulcanoes
Azerbaijan to Georgia – The amazing mud vulcanoes

The extended Dogu Express

The famous Doğu Ekspresi runs every day between Ankara and Kars. You should definitely take it! The train is extremely popular, filled with locals, and it takes roughly 24 hours. But soon, this route will become even more popular. A brand new train, luxury and expected to be quite popular. In August 2019 the extended Dogu Express will start operating. A single train between Baku and Ankara, via Tbilisi. Thereby saving the traveler a lot of time. Although the bus-route is beautiful, the train will definitely win this one. Check out these 10 must-knows of Georgia before you cross the border.

Azerbaijan to Georgia - The Night-Train to Tbilisi
Azerbaijan to Georgia – The Night-Train to Tbilisi

Let me know in the comments what you think, have experienced or want to experience towards Georgia!

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