Back in the Netherlands! Just finished visiting my last destination: Amsterdam. I made it!!!! Although there were multiple difficulties along the way, I still completed my journey according to schedule – which was quite the effort. Even a major strike in Greece, missing the night-train in Milan and having hours of delay on the bus Brussels-London couldn’t stop me. Amsterdam was fun to walk through for an hour or so, but incredible busy. I also wanted to go home, so didn’t spent that much time there. Oddly enough when arriving in Amsterdam the majority of languages that I heard where non-Dutch ór I’ve forgotten what Dutch sounds like… Hmm. At least the chicken burgers at the station made me feel Dutch again :). So in conclusion: my journey was awesome, and I would definitely do it again without thinking twice. Probably not whole Europe again, but more focussed on a small part of Europe. I still got lots of footage to share, so keep an eye on this page..! Thanks all for following me :).

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