Lisbon by train - Lisbon in one picture

#24 – Lisbon by train – 30 Days, 30 Countries

Currently I’m in Hendaye. Some place on the French-Spanish border, where the trains coming from Portugal/Spain end and the trains going to France start. Unfortunately all TGV’s were fully booked on Hendaye-Paris (really?), so we’re bound to the night train that leaves at half past 8. Our 8-hours transfer in Hendaye looks like this: Station – Beach – McDonalds – Station. Luckily Lisbon was a lot more interesting. It’s an absolutely beautiful city, completely satisfying any tourist in my opinion. Every street is different, nothing looks the same and it’s full of people enjoying themselfes.

There’s a huge diversity of people trying to transport tourists in all sorts of ways; tuktuk’s, trams, sightseeing busses, car’s and sort-of-bicycles. Together with touring cars and regular cars they are trying to go from point A to B in the narrow streets of Lisbon, while also trying to prevent hitting people who walk all over the place. We started early in the morning on a sightseeing point just outside the center of Lisbon, over-looking the whole city in absolute stunning silence (later that day we saw a huge line of people waiting to go on a elevator in the middle of the city to over-look the city ($$$)).

Walking through the streets going from destination to destination is lovely. Relaxing at sunny sightseeing points, near the ocean, in the middle of the city.. it’s all doable in Lisbon. I think one of the prettiest/most fun destinations of my journey. Also important.. it’s cheap.. at least compared to other city’s I’ve been. And when going to Lisbon by train, you’re bond to go over-night so no worry of loosing time during your travel. We’ve slept in normal seats, which works fine when you have ear-pluggs and a sleeping mask, but you can also book bed’s (will cost you some more). After we’ve survived the boring town of Hendaye, we’ll wake up in the morning in Paris! Later tomorrow-afternoon I’ll continue my journey on my own again, the last few destinations… I’m looking forward to be home again, but meanwhile I don’t want this to end..

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Lisbon by train - Lisbon early morning
Lisbon by train – Lisbon early morning
Lisbon by train - Performer giving bypassers a smile
Lisbon by train – Performer giving bypassers a smile


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