Sofia by train - Sofia Central Station

#13 – Sofia by train – 30 Days, 30 Countries

Small update, currently in Sofia by train – which I don’t like. In my opinion it’s ugly and outdated. Positive is that most people seem to speak English, and that the landscape surrounding Sofia is absolutely stunning. I also managed to find a H&M to buy some new socks (imagine the old ones.. being stuck in those shoes all day long – smelly) and a new pair of jeans for an acceptable price. Luckily Sofia also has a few pretty aspects; Vitosha Boulevard – which is a shopping street with a great view of the mountains surrounding Sofia, and the Central Sofia Synagogue which is OK (compared to what I’ve seen in Ankara/Istanbul it’s nothing). I’ll be on my way to Thessaloniki/Athens soon.. I hope. The ticket lady said ‘no direct train to Thessaloniki, come back at 2/3 hours’… Hmm.

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Sofia by train - Feeding the pidgeons
Sofia by train – Feeding the pidgeons
Sofia by train - Vitosha Boulevard
Sofia by train – Vitosha Boulevard

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