Prague by train - Beautiful Old Town

#07 – Prague by train – 30 Days, 30 Countries

Prague: Absolutely stunning. Getting on board the train to Prague was quite difficult as you’ve probably read in my previous post. Well, it gets even better. So the first 2 hours I set down in the hallwall watching Sherlock Holmes (so far so good). At a given point some dude with 1 teeth left showed up, and was mumbling to himself. After a while he noticed me, hence the mumbling was directed to me. After I said that I only speak English, he went on in sign language (sort off/ still mumbling). Together we apparently made the agreement that he could drink his alcohol and smoke on the toilet, at least thats what he was suggesting (I had to be “Sssssssssjjjjjt”). Quite funny though, he barely could stand on his legs so he constantly fell over. He never even made it to the toilet. But OK. After 2 hours I retrieved my seat (after sending someone away… yey!) and luckily I slept pretty well.

Arriving at 6:30 in the morning means there’s not that much going on in Prague yet, conclusion: lucky me! Barely no other tourists while I experienced the beauty of the old city of Prague. Absolutely worth visiting. A funny aspect about Prague (in relation to interrail) is that there is a restaurant (Výtopna) in which they serve your food by train! Interrailers should definitely eat there. I unfortunately did not have enough time but luckily they kindly invited me in to take some pics. Now on my way to Vienna & Bratislava, and FINALLY managed to find a place to sleep in Bratislava tonight (Airbnb & Couchsurfing on short notice = no success. Furthermore, all Hostels were also full). BUT apparently it’s quite common to camp outside (in my case a pillow + 2 blankets) in Slovakia, and with 0% chance of rain this was also still an option.

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Prague by train - Vytopna Restaurant
Prague by train – Vytopna Restaurant
Prague by train - Prague Karluv Most
Prague by train – Prague Karluv Most

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