Berlin by train - WWII memorial in Berlin

#05 – Berlin by train – 30 Days, 30 Countries

Und…. ich habe Deutschland verlassen.. i Witamy w Polsce. If you love architecture, you should definitely go to Berlin by train – lots of old pretty buildings. However… I don’t like architecture that much, and for the rest Berlin didn’t really impress me. Luckily I was not alone in Berlin… my sweet girlfriend Wilma Westenberg came to visit me (I think she misses me already…. will be tough the coming month)…. Our highlight of 30 Days, 30 Countries – #05 – Berlin: a pug waving to us (so cute!), our lowlight: we haven’t seen even one McDonalds in Berlin (outside the station).. how’s that possible? The sun is still shining, and according to the weather forecasts it will remain so the coming days.. so until now I’ve only felt a few small drops of rain during my trip – lucky me. Next destination: Poland’s capital Warsaw.

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Berlin by train - GF arrived to do my laundry
Berlin by train – GF arrived to do my laundry
Berlin by train - Berliner dom
Berlin by train – Berliner dom

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