Stockholm by train - Sunset on the ferry from Helsinki to Stockholm

#03 – Stockholm by train – 30 Days, 30 Countries

While I’m typing this.. I’m looking at a crystal-clear ocean, while feeling the heat of the sun and the ice-cold wind (almost, have to be on deck for that). Feeling more relaxed than this won’t probably happen anytime soon – thé perfect Interrail feeling? (Side note: I’m on a ferry and not on a train…). When the sun has disappeared below the ocean, it’s bed time for me. An opportunity to sleep in a bed, and shower – however untill now I have also perfectly slept in the regular seats on the trains (bed’s will cost you extra), but I like the feeling of this bed. Tomorrow morning at dawn the ferry wil arrive in Stockholm, hopefully with a fully re-freshed Koen.

Back on rails! Just departed from Stockholm by train, after a ferry relaxing cruise. Luckily for me the weather is stil sunny – and it seems like this will at least remain so till I leave Scandinavia – yey . It’s funny though that sleeping in the most cheap-ass bed one can imagine on a bumpy/shaky ferry, works out pretty well after you’ve slept in seats for 2 nights. Still, my muscles are sore – especially my feet due to all the walking around. Unfortunately for them they have to conquer another city: Oslo, after that they get a complete day off!

PS: I just found out that there is electrical disruption on the track in upper Sweden that I traveled on 2 days ago! The same train I took now has a delay for over 4 hours… luckily my planning is still on schedule – oeff!

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Stockholm by train - Stockholm early morning
Stockholm by train – Stockholm early morning
Stockholm by train - Gamla Stan, old town
Stockholm by train – Gamla Stan, old town

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